OUR Customer


Had a deep tissue massage during the week with Pong and can honestly say it was the best and most beneficial massage I’ve ever had and I’ve had dozens as my body is in bad shape and I’m always in a lot of pain from head to toe. Will be recommending this place to everyone! Although I must admit that a deep tissue massage isn’t for everyone as it’s quite the experience!
The massage therapist put there all into it and I feel had a genuine desire to help which I appreciate so much as most other massages I’ve had at different places you can tell they don’t really care. Again, thank you so much!

I just want to let you know that Gail has been massaging me for six weeks now and I am very impressed with how amazing she is as a massage therapist.

I have had many hundreds of massages following a car accident over the years but always like to make aware great staff (and people) when I see them.

So thank you Gail from a very happy customer! XXX

Just walked out of a ‘Three in One Massage’ by Nid. It was $120 and worth every bit of it!

Amazing. Absolutely the best massage I’ve ever had.

Thanks so much Nid. You work wonders!


By far one of the best massages I’ve ever had in Australia!  The therapists are extremely good!

5 Stars… Will definitely be back!